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What's wrong with my Gas gauge!

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Not sure where to post this since there isn;t a "General Problems" type forum (yet) ;)

Has anyone else had this problem. All of a sudden 2 days ago My gas guage reads very weird. Full is still full but when the tank is empty the gauge reads exactly half full. It's not like the gauge goes down to 1/2 full and then stops working. The gauge is acting as if the 1/2 full mark is the empty marker. The gauge goes down half as fast as it should so when I have 1/4 tank the gauge shows 3/4. weird huh??? Anyone else have this problem. I guess i need to take it in for Warranty. That will be REALLY fun. Can;t wait to see what they say. Thanks

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My empty light came on the other day when the needle was sitting at around 1/2 tank.:confused: :confused: Weird!
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