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there are 2 theories on this, both of which are correct:

1) a bigger wheel is better, since you will have less sidewall and more rim, which leads to less flex. also, bigger wheels clear bigger brakes.

2) a smaller wheel is better since you're turning something that's a smaller diameter, and usually has much less rotating mass...which equals better acceleration. less mass also means the suspension and brakes have to do less work to acheive the same result.

in effect, you're also somewhat changing your gearing when changing your rim size. a smaller rim will have to roll faster than a larger one at the same speed.

i'm running my99 RS 16's on my car, and i find them to be too big in some cases, but with the 4 pots in place, i'm kinda stuck with 'em. like anything else, it's going to be a trade off. supposedly raceline RL7's clear 4 pots, and are 15". anyone know who carries them now that SPD is gone?

maybe it would help if you defined "track use" a little more clearly. for autocross or tight road courses, the smallest lightest wheel you can get away with is going to be your best bet. if you need high speed superspeedway stability, then a bigger rim would be a better choice. also, good tires for 17's and 18's are EXPENSIVE. if you're going to be chewing up tires on a track, that's always another thing to think about.
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