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what wheels should i get?

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i'm going crazy looking at wheels
so i'll let everyone choose for me :p
they need to be 17" black,anthracite, or bronze, and be around $200 or less per wheel.

i've found the team dynamics m-sports and zensho's to my liking
there's the subzeros and tarmacs but everyone has them

i just need to pick something out soon bc my tires are shot and i want to put my new tires on.
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You could check with TireRack to see if they have the darker colors in for the new PFF7 wheel, which is my favorite of the Prodrive series, now. Looks like the P7 with the seven spokes, but they're thinner and less tapered. Nice look.

There's also the five-spoke 17" Euro. Legacy OEM wheels, that are sold at (Exeter Subaru). Though I'm not sure of the price.

Technomagnesio wheels are the ones that Prodrive rebadges, and renames. For instance, the P7 is actually a Techno. Indianapolis wheel. The Indy was on sale for about $110/ea. including shipping at Discount Tire Direct a couple weeks ago, on a closeout sale. They did come in anthracite and black, I'm pretty sure. I wanted a silver set for me in 16" .... but I'm too low on money.

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