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What the hell is a frame rail? (read)

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I'll tell you what it is ...
something that isn't covered in your warrenty
$20 part but 6hrs. labor
and they have no idea how it happened
well now I'm screwed I don't have the $325 they want to fix it and now I can't race this weekend with my car all f-ed up

whole story next post
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I don't yell but I DEFINATELY start mentioning fraud and the Better Business Bureau. It's A-FRIGGIN-MAZING how quickly they change their mind. Stunning.

I had a problem a month ago with Computer Nerds (bad, bad people) and I mentioned the BBB and guess what? Instantanous reponse.

I ordered a baseball cap from some www site and a month later had not gotten it, and two phone calls and two emails produced nothing. The third phone call went something like this:

"I have not heard from you regarding order #xxxxx and at this time I will be taking this matter up with the BBB, and any local, state, or federal agencies that I can contact in regards to the fraudulent charges you have made on my credit card."

I got a phone call in five minutes, a credit to my account in 15, and a follow up phone call in 20 minutes, plus an email in 25 minutes summarizing the refund and an apology.

1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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