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I'll tell you what it is ...
something that isn't covered in your warrenty
$20 part but 6hrs. labor
and they have no idea how it happened
well now I'm screwed I don't have the $325 they want to fix it and now I can't race this weekend with my car all f-ed up

whole story next post

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basicly a CARFAX about the car

I recived my car on 10/30/01
on 11/6/01 my car was in a accident with only 50miles on it. $5,500 damage
FAULKNER Subaru fixed these things
driver door, hood, front bumper skin, driver front wheel/tire, d. front strut and control arm, dr. fener, fender liner, fog light, sidemarker, headlight, "After market AT transmission part" (another long story), along with the FRAME RAIL.
they said 2 weeks it ended up being 5 weeks
With 1,000 miles on the car I dropped it. There was no alignment done after this
With 12,000miles on the car I changed the struts
about 2 weeks later roughly 6/21/01 I had an alignment done to the car (not knowing it was free from subaru 3/36,00).
Now after the season of auto-x my alignment became slightly out of wack (it pulls to the left)...haven't had the money to fix ...was going to before the summer series.
Now on 12/26/01 I take my car to faulkner for the 15,000 service at 18,000miles. They were suppose to fix a security switch (which I have waiting for, for over a month), do the service, and fix a slight sqeaking problem from the belts. Suprise Suprise the security switch isn't in yet.
Now I get the car back and go away for a week. I come back home drive the car and find the squeaking from the car. PISSED I call Faulkner and BITCH! they fit me in two weeks (the normal wait is 3weeks plus)
Like a day or two before the 48hr meet I start to hear LOUD ass noise that drowns out the belts...looking at the car it seems like my fender liner broke and now is rubbing the tire. OK no biggie I have changed the R ft. fender liner twice (with Hardcore). Knowing that this time they can't blame my intake. when I go to get the belts fixed hoping to have them fix it. The service head didn't even know the S. switch came in. I asked about it and he said "let me check, I don't think so. Wow, what do you know it came in a day or two ago." (they never called me like they were suppose to. I tell him about the noise and that I can see the fender liner is rubbing the tire ...something must have hit it and broke the liner. He said no problem that's covered.
Faulkner calls me about 4 hours later saying your car is fixed bitching about the UD pulley, I ask if they fixed the fender liner ...he says no you have frame damage. You damaged your frame rail, and they need to put it on the frame machine.
"Ok, is that covered under the warrenty? " "No you lowered your car"
then the story changes to even if your car was not lowered it still would not be covered.
He is the "Prelimary estimate"
Point of Impact: 11. Left front
N 1# Rpr Setup & Measure (labor 2hr)
2 Fender
3 Repl LT fender Liner front w/2.5 RS (QTY 1, Price 20.43, Labor .3)
4** Repl A/M LT Fender liner retainers (QTY 1, price 5.00)
5* Rpr LT Sidemember/Lower Extension (labor 3.0, paint 1.0)
6# R&I D&R Wire Harness (labor .5)
7# Repl Undercoating (QTY 1, Price 12.00)
8# Repl Hazardous Waste Removal (QTY 1, Price 5.00 T)

Line 1: Possible unobody sway/open to measurements
Line 3: Vehicle has loweed suspension
Parts $37.43
Body Labor 5.8hrs $ 232.00
Paint Labor 1. hrs $40.00
Paint Supplies 1.hrs $19.00
Sublet/Misc. $5.00

want more? there ain't any.

Was the car yours when it was wrecked? If so, where did you get it fixed? Most places offer some sort of limited warranty on their work. If the frame has damage, and the car hasn't been wrecked since then, it's damage from the original wreck, which should be covered under the "shoddy workmanship" section of the warranty. Most dealerships don't do their own body work, they take your money and send the work elsewhere for cheaper. I'd get on their case about it.

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if that accident happened before you took delivery of the car and it was not disclosed i believe there is a clause in the books about this. That's some pretyt hefty damage to have to clear up.


Faraz said:
No it was mine when the work was done. they offered a lifetime warrenty, but it seem that it ran out when the car got damaged

Just get pissed and start yelling at people. Mention things like "the BBB" and "attorney general" and "fraud" or "breach of contract" or "false advertising" and stuff like that.

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I don't yell but I DEFINATELY start mentioning fraud and the Better Business Bureau. It's A-FRIGGIN-MAZING how quickly they change their mind. Stunning.

I had a problem a month ago with Computer Nerds (bad, bad people) and I mentioned the BBB and guess what? Instantanous reponse.

I ordered a baseball cap from some www site and a month later had not gotten it, and two phone calls and two emails produced nothing. The third phone call went something like this:

"I have not heard from you regarding order #xxxxx and at this time I will be taking this matter up with the BBB, and any local, state, or federal agencies that I can contact in regards to the fraudulent charges you have made on my credit card."

I got a phone call in five minutes, a credit to my account in 15, and a follow up phone call in 20 minutes, plus an email in 25 minutes summarizing the refund and an apology.

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