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PSI NRG said:
I dunno how much this applies because I have a VR6 but here goes.

The place I got my turbo kit from has also done a 2.5 RS turbo car. What I was told from them is that you always want a single prong plug for FI. They sent me Bosch F7DC's for the turbo. These are one range cooler than the F6DTC's that everyone with VR6's normally uses for FI.

If you wanna check it out, I think the Impreza is still on their site somewhere.

Where are you located? I live not too far from Matrix (~10minutes), and one of the guys here at work told me about them, after he got a lot of work done on his VW. He's got a 90 Golf, I think, and he got the newer 1.8T put in to it, and atrix gave him a lot of help, I guess. I still need to go down there, and see what they have. It will be nice having them so close to home when I finish getting all my parts and start putting them on.
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