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what simple mods can I do to a legacy outback?

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what simple mods can I do to my parrents legacy outback that isn't expensive and don't mean alotta work...just little stuff to make my pops stop stealing my rs.
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what year outback?
it does have an ej25 in it so engine mods are easy to do
Best thing you can do is put a larger rear sway bar on. I'd suggest getting an adjustable whiteline bar and try out a few settings. I have mine on 20mm and it is loads of fun, but still safe enough to keep from spinning the car. I've even tried to spin it in a wet parking lot and haven't been able to. 22mm here I come...

Next would be to get an exhaust and/or intake. I would replace the paper filter in the airbox with a K&N or Amsoil filter. I have the amsoil filter and it seems to be superior in filtering and protection than the K&N. Not sure about performance.

Check out my webpage for some more outback stuff-

Alot of the impreza mods work on the legacy outbacks.
thanks alot....I apprecate the responces.
I might get them a rsb and some nice tires... anyone know the size the stock tires are and what could fit.

realistically I don't want to do loud mods because this is my parrents car...and well they want a quiet little putter.
I put in some better horns and removed the intake silencer on ours. Look on our site I have a limited amount of Legacy stuff but there are a few things. And as already mentioned Impreza mods do apply.
Horns are a fun mod, snag the supertones but if you want the max output from them you will need to make your own harness and use the relay that is included.

Stock size tire up until 2000 was 205/70/15 (or at least that is what came on my 99 outback).

You can go 215/65/15 which should be the approximate same size. People say good things about the Dunlop SP5000's.
besides being louder..any inprovements in throttle responce? hp? pull to redline?
upgraded front endlinks and better tires would make the car more fun to drive, also.
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