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My current setup is KYB AGX's with Prodrive P1's and a non-adjustable whiteline Rear sway bar and there on an automatic ):.I bought a Whiteline adjustable swaybar today for a WRX Thinking that it was 22mm. Well I got it home and measured it to find out it is really a 24mm. So I read about it three settings and there supposed to be 22mm,24mm,and 26mm. I will definantly put it on the 22mm setting. I know that I will need to upgrade my stock endlinks.
Anyways the thing I am worried about is snap oversteer. I tend to think I am a solid driver but I am surely nothing amazing. And I really don't want to crash because of a sway bar. What is y'alls (haha you alls) advice. Should I sell it and make some money or keep it and be ballen? Oh ya I would really appreciated a good deal on some endlinks.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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