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Will You Like To See a Pro Import Drag GC8?

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What If FHI and Sti Built a SportsCar using the H6 Engine Platform?

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You know its inevitable for someone to build the new H6 engine block and work over the heads with some heavy breathing artillery to put Subaru ahead of ahhhhh say Toyota...

I want to start a thread that discusses the workings of FHI's new H6 engine... So say what you know about it and what you think its capabilities are...Think about it, Its coupled to our same Drivetrain but its not available in Standard 5 Speed but I'm sure that if Subaru has any brains, They will develop a SportsCar Platform, Maybe a Legacy Chassis using the H6 and say the Sti 6 Speed Transmission...

.I think that they will not put the H6 into the GC8 but that Won't Stop one of us from dropping the H6 into an older GC8 and run a Standalone...What more do you want? All it takes is money and a will...More Will and Spirit than Money is what it will take...

Zee:nuetron: :nuetron:
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FHI can put a manual behind the H6 if they want to... lets all bug them on their website to build a manual tranny H6 Legacy GT... I already have!!
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