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What do you put in your ashtray holder?

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Anyone put anything other than cigarette ash in there? And why are all the subject icons blue?
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I put coins in mine noone smokes in my car! :curse:

Then what do you put in your coinholder? That thing holds a lot of change!
I really don't think that I've ever even opened my ashtray... I smoke, but not in my car or in my apt. My ashtray is a virgin. :D Can't say the same for the coin holders tho. I use them all the time... ;)
A packet of Kleenex and one of those rags to clean my sunglasses
all the busniess cards i seem to collect, otherwise it used to hold hte excess wire to my radar detector.
I've got one of those keyfob-sized garage door openers and the spare keys to my each of my parents homes. There is nothing more frustrating than driving clear across town to let a dog out and then finding out you forgot the freakin' key! :D
Coins. I have the little coin holders filled up and the ashtray is full with change and bills I was too lazy to put in my wallet.

Nick C.
Air freshener. The car has to smell good even if i don't . :D
I have, one winning Sprite cap, Pez candy, little red light
Poppa Smurf said:
Air freshener. The car has to smell good even if i don't . :D
Well, let's see... a powered remains of a Tums, 3 pennies, a 5/64" drill bit (cobalt coated), a dime, and 3/4 of an old rocker switch I found when I was cleaning out my truck before I traded it in on the car.
About three months worth of ATM reciepts, a Rock/Coral/Bead like thing I found on the beach and thought was cool.

I put my change in the ash tray on the back of the arm rest, the one for the people in the back of the car. No smoking in the RS, and that way my Fiancee isn't always stealing my change! I only keep the silver change though, all pennies go in the jar at home...
i dont like it when there are only a few coins in the coin holder thing because they make a clink clink clink over every bump. Plus it looks cleaner w/o coins on the console.

I have some of the stickers that the dealer forgot to take off of the lights and windows (I don't think the prep people were very motivated...). I have a whole bunch of pennies and nickels in the change thing...
I got a coupon for a free taco from Taco Bell, a little ticket that they give you when you enter Carsbad Raceway, and a key for my bro's car so I can move it because I park in the garage and he is always in the driveway, right in my way

Chapstick, house keys, and a little change...GQ
Coins.. The coin holders make the change talk back to me..
Ya know what I think is funny, is that we have a light in the ashtray but not one in the glovebox or trunk... :confused: :lol:
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