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what do you guys think about these

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Thanks to eXotec for quick photoshop.... I can get these wheels really cheap, in the silver color, but if I do get them they're getting powder coated... maybe a polished lip? I dunno let me know what you guys think:
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Maybe you could save some money and get some factory WRX wheels, they look nearly identical. I like the gold, no polished lip though.
I'm trying to be a little different here, hence why I'm going the STI/WRX route, and at 400 for a set of wheels, I can't complain, I just need to figure out what offset these are and what stud size they use... they're off the 2004 beetle (I know, I know it's a beetle) but still I think they look good, and the bolt pattern is the same.....
Just as long as there gold and not shinny chrome.
Check the center bore size also. But I say save your money and keep RS wheels.
def not chrome!!! lol here's a pic of what they look like stock on my car:
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is our wheel stud size 12mm? I found that these wheels are made for their 14x1.5x35mm wheel studs, so I'm not sure.... now
You need the center bore. If it is too small they won't fit without machining. If it is too big you could still use them with hub centric rings.
I think stock RS wheels look better, but if you're itching for something new go for it.
I don't like them, look very cheesy.

As others have mentioned, they look so close to stock, both the RS and WRX wheels, I would much rather rock those.
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