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Just thought I'd start a new thread. I'm curious what you guys drove before your Subarus and what you thought of your former car.

I had a SAAB (1990) 900 turbo, and I miss the boost, but I love the increased road holding of my RS.:nuetron:

Hmm. Well it goes like this... starting from the beginning.

Mid '97 - Jan '98: '92 Legacy L wagon 4eat AWD - went offroad
Jan '98 - Dec '98: '98 Impreza L sedan 5mt AWD (duh) - went offroad
Dec '98 - Mar '99: '96 Bronco 4x4 (full size) - went offroad
Mar '99 - Mar '01: '99 Grand Cherokee Laredo v8 4x4 - went offroad
Aug '99 - ???: '91 Civic DX hatchback - never went offroad
Dec '00 - current: '01 RS sedan 5mt - went offroad
??? - current: '86 Power Ram W250 - went offroad

If I had just kept the '98 Impreza and bought a truck, I could have purchased a nice '93ish W250 Cummins and had an awesome '98 turbo Impreza all paid off. <sigh> What a waste of money...

edit: added comments. ;)

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1997 Ford Thunderbird LX Limited Edition. 3.8Litre OHV V6 running a whooping 145HP. It was fun in its own ways. An awesome car for crusing around

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1st car:1989 Honda Accord SEi.

Now I have the Subaru and a 1987 accura integra. I use the integra as my daily driver.

Nothing really impressive except for my Subaru but I have plans for bigger and better things in my future.


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well let see i think i stared out pretty good for myself. the first vehicle i ever owned, ok yes my parents bought it but hey i found it and picked it out, :) it was an 84 buick GN, well they ended up giving that car to my brother, but they were going to get me something else, but i fell in love with those cars so i got a 87 buick regal turbo T. and i have to say I still love that car, it needs some work to bring it back to hot rod quality. im young, 23, and so i got some time left to fix it up.
the next vehicle i got was a 94 chevy s-10, well it sucked, the tranny went out twice the front suspension is toast. anyone want it? ill give it to you at cost of what left on my loan? :D .
and finally i got my RS last december and i would have to say i've be converted from a domestic to an import man. I've still love the buick, but i couldnt wait to get my subie, i waited a few years and a few dollars later to get my 4dr GC8 and im loving every minute of it.

PS sry for the rambling just brought back some memories.

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1983 Red Ford Escort
1967 Red Ford Mustang
1992 Red Acura Integra

And now, of course, I drive a Silver 2001 Subaru Impreza 2.5RS. I am very proud of this car, and love to drive it. I do miss my old Mustang though. It wasn't fast, and didn't handle, but it was a great car...Rob "GQ"

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This could get long I got my license in '68:

1. '63 Valiant Signet, 225 Slant Six and Push Button Tranny('68-69)
2. '66 Beetle, First Car I purchased('69-'71)
3. '72 Pinto Station Wagon, highly modified('72-77)
4. '74 Mustang 2, POS (77-79)
5. '79? Datsun 2nd Generation 510 (79-84)
6. '84 Jetta GLI, FUN! (84-89)
7. Series of minivans, Kids (89-99)
8. '99 Civic Si (99-01)
9. Impreza 2.5RS(2002)

Did I mention I'm old!

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1.) 1969 Opel GT (still have and still dumping money into it)
2.) 1985 Mustang GT (Lemon lawed)
3.) 1986 Mustang GT (replacement for lemoned Mustang)
4.) 1990 Thunderbird
5.) 1993 Mazda MX-6
6.) 1997 Eclipse GS-T
7.) 1997 Ford Ranger
8.) 2000 Celica GTS
9.) 2002 2.5RS

1.) 1981 Kawasaki KZ-550
2.) 1984 Kawasaki KZ-700
3.) 1996 Kawasaki Ninja 600R

My experience with the Eclipse GS-T is the main reason I didn't purchase a WRX. I loved the power rush when the turbo kicked in but I don't drive like that for the most part and I missed low end power (below 3k) which is where I spend most of my time.

The Celica was a neat car and I had no trouble mechanically but it was pretty brutal on long drives. It was also an automatic and that on a 1.8L very narrow power band motor just wasn't good. It had awesome brakes, great handling, and terrible acceleration (unless the revs were between 6k and 8k). :)


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Now THIS will get out of hand, let's see if I can remember them all - or most of them even!

1. 1969 Plymouth Valiant
2. 1970's Fiat 128
3. 1978 VW Rabbit Diesel
4. 1960's Fiat 850 Spider
5. 1967 Ford Mustang Coupe - White on White on white
6. 1967 Cadillac Convertible De Ville - Black with White top
7. 1969 Cadillac Coupe De Ville
8. 1965 Cadillac Limousine - License "U Yield"
9. 1974 Ford Mustang II
10. 1970's Triumph Spitfire MK II
11. 1960's Mercedes Sedan - Spray painted it red!
12. 1978 VW Scirocco - Silver
13. 1979 VW Scirocco - Gold
14. 1979 VW Scirocco - Black
15. 1980 VW Scirocco - White
16. 1980 VW Pickup
17. 1982 VW Jetta Diesel
18. 1984 VW Jetta
19. 1970's VW Bus
20. 1967 Ford Mustang Convertible - Yellow with Black
21. 1980's Dodge Dart station wagon
22. 1978 Chevy C30 Full-time 4x4
23. 1980's Chevy Luv pickup
24. 1960's BMW 1600

Um... let me think for a while to get the rest

44. 1988 Honda Civic LX
45. 1989 Honda Accord LXi
46. 2000 VW Vapor Beetle
47. 2000 Subaru Impreza RS
48. 1991 GMC Jimmy V1500

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90 civic SI (torqueless wonder) - would've made a perfect ITA track car. I kick myself everyday for not keeping it, but my parents were going to sell it if I didn't get it out of their driveway. I didn't have anywhere to keep it at the time.


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I'm only 23 and have had the same car since Nov 98, so this is a short list.

1: 69 Ford Bronco
2: 81 Accord (bought to drive while I rebuilt the heads and some other things to the Bronco)
3: 79 280zx
4: 85 RX7
5: 86 RX7 (bought when a Semi totaled my Bronco while I was parked at a red light)
6: 91 Talon TSI FWD Turbo (got me hooked on turbos)
7: 87 Rx7 POS, but the Talon was getting VERY expensive to drive
8: 93 Impreza (I'll drive it into the ground just to resurrect it and drive some more)
9: 01 Daewoo Lanos (quit laughing, I need a good cheap 2nd car with a warranty)

93 1.8T

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Cone Eater said: I thought I had a lot. You list is most impressive! I bow to your numbers.
I've owned 48 cars, and been pulled over 82 times, and only got one point on my license. I guess the cops never recognized me because I was always driving something different! :lol:

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2005 LGT Wagon & 2004 FXT
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1) 1984 Plymouth Voyager Baby Blue w/ peeling wood panels June 93 - Jan 94 (my parents old ride that I Traded in for:)

2) 1989 Honda CRX Si Barbados Yellow Jan 94 - Jan 98 (Totaled by an unfriendly driver and a Semi, my brother in law is restoring it)

3) 1994 Honda Civic Ex-a White Pearl Mar 98 - Mar 99 (Carload of illegal aliens turned in front of me)

4) 1994 Honda Civic Ex-a Black Metalic Apr 99 - Present

5) 2000 Subaru Impreza BRP Jan 02 - Present

(I also managed to total my dad's 87 Ford Ranger)

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