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hey everyone,

im looking into new pads and i'd like to see what everyone is running. ive searched but haven't found enough info to be able to make a decision.

basic layout...

Car: 05 rs wagon
Front pads: stock
Rear pads: stock
Fluid: stock
Uses: dd/autox

anyone have a good suggestion for really good street/autox/LIGHT track pads? ive looked into ferodo 2500's for now, as i wont be doing track very often and i hear these are really good. i want to go ferodo all around with ate superblue fluid.


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'00 RS
WRX front rotors
Legacy/H-6 rear rotors
Valvoline DOT4 fluid
Porterfield R4-S pads

The pads are probably worn by now, I'm thinking of trying out the Hawk HPS. My usage is 99% street/commuting. I've run two SCCA autocrosses (at NHIS in Loudon, NH), and one winter safety day at since I've bought this car (new).
1 - 5 of 5 Posts