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horatio102 said:
The iridium are supposed to have the power of copper and the longevity of platinum.

I personally would rather change my spark plugs every 10k miles than pay for the iridiums.

If something should happen and the plugs get seriously fouled, at least I'm only out a $2 plug, right? right. :)

Be careful though. I went to check my plugs today and I ripped the stupid connector off the end of my plug wire (see photo)
And with 30k miles on them, I didn't want one new and 3 old, so I replaced all 4. Ahem. $97 later... (thank you SOA for not selling the wires as a kit)
I did the same thing when i went to change my plugs. (actually my friend did). Best part it was 9:30 at night and we didn't have spare wires!!!!!! So we spent an hour and a half making two new wires. Let me tell ain't fun.
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