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I'll be ready to buy my new suspension setup soon.

I'll mainly be using it for AutoX, track days, some spirit driving and very little daily drive.

Currently, I have my eyes set on the Ground Control with Koni. I was using their setup in my last Autox Civic and was very satisfied with it.

Link to the Koni/GC Ground Control - Complete Coilover Conversion kit, '02-'07 Subaru WRX & STi (with rear camber plates)

I was also looking into the Bilstein PSS9 but I think it might be little to soft.

My budget will be right around $2500. What are your suggestion, recommendation, review, experience, pro/con, etc...

I'll be using full GD STI suspension.
GD STI front and rear arm
GD STI 5x114.5 knuckle(i'm aware of the rear top hat)

With Whiteline adjustable front 27mm and adjustable rear 24mm

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I'm sorry but if your going to track the car, don't ever go with racelands.:facepalm:

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AST's base level pricing is right in line with where you want to be, though camber plates take the price up by a fair bit

The Koni/GC setup works well also, and has been used many times successfully

Z-1 Performance Automotive Services Inc. - Ground Control Complete Coilover Kit WRX/STi

KW V3 are a bit more than your budget, very street friendly, but ALOT of dampening adjustment....independent compression and rebound but I have found it takes a while to really dial it in

If you could track down a clean set of the Ohlins that would be terrific but unfortunately not available new anymore

Another worthy setup that I have used and liked are the Tein Monoflex

Basically when you're at this in between level....don't want to spring for the Moton/JRZ custom Ohlins level stuff, but don't want the low end made in Taiwan stuff, the most important thing is that it is

1. expandable (via easy spring rate changes, valving changes if needed (though most let you deviate up an down reasonably on spring rates while retaining valving)

2. serviceability - has to be able to be done in the US
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