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What’s my RS-WRX worth please?

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Well I’ve had this car for 22 years. Love it but upkeep cost and family pressures are mounting…
No idea what it’s worth but was hoping I could get some clues on here please.
I have rough details, history and pics, but will refine details….

Pics below, showing sketchy paint areas.
will post more on request.

2000 Impreza “coupe” with 06 wrx engine, short steering rack, clutch, disks and calipers and exhaust all swapped.
P1 style with some genuine P1 parts from UK.

smog legal, certified with carb certificate and vin number.
~127,000 miles, ( very low for the years ) always garaged (in LA, so no rust) but some paint flaking in a couple of spots.
has been a daily driver.
Taken to track only one ( streets of willow), rally cross once, autocross a handful of times

Cusco rear tower brace
Cusco Front tower brace.
Rear trunk light added
Speaker and radio upgrade (accepts usb sticks etc..) ( I’ll get details on speakers)
V5/6 sti seats from UK. Getting a bit worn out now, but still comfy.
Kartboy short shifter.
Blue aluminum Sti accelerator pedal
P1 genuine wing from UK ( very rare, only 500 of those cars made )
P1 fog lights
Rear Spatz bodywork
Front p1 style carbon lip ( now old and cracked in spots, needs repair or replacing )
Gunmetal grey P1 OZ 17” rims. with locking wheel nuts.
With falken azenis, summer 225/45/17 tires.
P1 style fog lights with carbon pattern wrap.
Prodrive muffler ( sounds great )
Eibach springs ( same springs as on actual UK, P1 car ) 1” drop. Very stiff. Grips !!
Kyb agx adjustable shocks.
Larger disk brakes and calipers from wrx ( all four corners )
Steel braided brake lines for firmer pedal feel.
20mm rear sway bar
Aluminum hood swap to lighten front end. ( -15 lbs )
HKS Turbo timer
Genuine Prodrive and P1 badges from UK (not stuck on car)
Oversized fiberglass hood scoop for inter cooler.
Cobb access port for a few extra HP

Current Issues
Radiator hoses getting old need replacing soon.
Overheating radiator needs fan or thermostat fix.

Trunk cardbosrd/carpet is loose and messy.
Internal carpet worn with age.
Right rubber roof rail needs new clips installed ( I have the parts )
Worn v5:6 Sti seats. Need covers maybe.
One missing center cap on oz p1 left rear wheel.

Always garaged
Poor paint on front left fender. Faded. Over sanded/polished at that spot and at second spot in car. Otherwise ok paint and no rust.
No crashes, no major accidents. Minor accident rear ended at 3-5mph car rolled into trunk, rear ended resulting in trunk lid replacement but wing and frame were un-damaged.

Car is Light and quick. coupe model.

Serviced most recently at Subaru Santa Monica.
engine swap done by Garage TuningLA.
Most recent service, April 2023… diffs, sparks, oil change service, replaced o2 sensor.
-127,000 miles on car. Very low for the age.

let me know if questions … I probably forgot some details.
I don’t want to sell it, but life happens.

Sorry, pics taken when car needs a wash :) may add more pics soon ( after a clean )

Does anyone have any thoughts on the value/price with and without the radiator fix please ?
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I would say 16-24k with no overheating issues. A clean CA Bar is really getting harder to do and find. I think there are people selling really clean non swapped cars for 8-10k range
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