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2006 WRX 6 speed
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I've always wanted a coupe STi and figured this might be the build. Its originally a 1995 red impreza 2.2 auto. Its now a 1995 spray bombed flat black 22b kit 5 speed. The current 5 speed has a major bearing issue. I do have a replacement trans from a turbo legacy thats included

You will need a trailer if you want this. Engine fires right up and can be driven on a trailer. My real idea was to throw a set of wrx heads on this 2.2 and make a hybrid.

I dont even spend the time to drive my 06 STi so this has gotta go. Makes me a little sad that I spent close to 8 years looking for this car but Im getting old. Time to thin out the pack.


1995 RUST FREE impreza coupe RUST FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ebay 22b body kit
2002 wrx longblock with internal damage but the heads should be good
Additional set of WRX heads. I planned to pick the best heads for the build
Additional set of coupe blue doors
Leather RS coupe door cards
JDM rear lateral links with WRX subframe
Whatever turbo exhaust mani you want, I have a sti, forester xt or wrx to choose from
RS hood with hood scoop, plasti dipped but white underneath
RS black rear trunk with sedan wing
Lightweight rear bumper beam with black bumper and RS spats
Lightweight from bumper beam
WRX Gastank

I have alot of misc items Ill just give you

The paint makes it look pretty rough but this is the diamond in the rough. 1995 RUST FREE, CLEAN TITLE, NO WRECKS

One stipultion. The drivers rear quarter panel has minor damage from someone backing into it. The previous owner did a minor fix but would still need professional work to look perfect. The kit covers up 90% of the repair.

Text or PM with questions.

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