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1999 2.5 RS black
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Before I got all my motor work done I installed an 18mm rear sway bar and short throw shifter and then later put STI tranny and motor mounts and up graded to an ACT clutch. Then I put a 20mm rear sway bar in instead. The 18mm is awesome in the winter time, especially with full on snow tires (Pace mark from Wall Mart were not only the cheapest I could find but have a real aggressive tread design and I put them on 15 inch steel rims). The car was unbelievably neutral and composed, but the 20mm is perhaps better suited to the summer time in my opinion and a bit more caution is advised if you want to use the 20 in the winter. The Kart boy short throw shifter and 18mm rear bar were definately the most dramatic 2 changes I made to my car when it was stock and by far the best bang for the buck. They should come that way from the factory in my opinion.
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