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Well spent money?

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I hope to make this order in the next few days/weeks:

Ganzflow CAI
N1 Lightweight Pulley Kit
Cusco 19-20-21 Adj. Rear sway bar
Brullen "Quiet Version" Cat back with a single tip.

I am trying to get a modest horsepower jump (10-15hp) while keeping the car sounding as close to stock as possible. I'm old and don't really like loud things.:D If any one has any better suggestions(other than giving you the money) I would greatly appreciate it.

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That seems like a good list though if you can get a non-adjustable 20mm rear sway bar cheaper, I would get that instead of an adjustable. Most people I know who have an adjustable set it at 20mm and leave it alone. Just a suggestion. BTW, those are the first things I did minus the pulleys (which I wish I had!), GanzFlow, JCSports 20mm RSB, and ScoobySport muffler.

Nick C.
Sounds like a good plan to me.Your car is otherwise stock i assume?20 mm bar is the way to go,least fr me it is.
Have fun,youl notice a difference.Good thing to do IMHO is to put the parts on one at a time so you see waht kinda gains you get with each mod.

I personally went with the 18mm bar and was impressed enough with the difference that I didn't want to go up to the 20mm bar.

Sounds like a fairly similar setup to what I'm running, although it's all different. :) Cobb CAI, UoR UDP, FHI 18mm bar, Brospeed exhaust. Tomorrow I'll have KYB/Eibach (V5/SPT) suspension installed w/STi group N top mounts. And in a month or two I'll get the group N engine/tranny mounts.

You'll notice a definite difference with what you've got planned. You'll love it. Oh, if you don't have a short shifter, I highly recommend the Kartboy.
Pick up some longer bolts for the cat, the stock ones won't work. Even if you get them on, they completely collapse the springs. You will probably also want the Cobb or Kartboy urethane ex. hangers, most Brullen exhausts will hit the diff with the soft rubber hangers.

In my experience, all CAI's will be loud at high throttle openings too... just take the plumbing off of the filter box and drive it to "see" (hear.) I'm not knocking the Ganzflow, it's a good product for the price.
They're loud because you're turning the entire fender into a resonating chamber. Instead of the thick plastic of the stock setup, you've got a thin metal that doesn't insulate the noise very well. The Ganz should be a little quieter than the Cobb due to the retention of the stock airbox.
I'm doing this to the dreaded and often hated '02my. Do I stilll want to get the longer bolts and stiffer hangers? Thanks for the replies, by the way!
That looks like a similar list of what I've done to my car. I don't have the pulleys, and my swaybar is the Whiteline adj. (18-20-22), and I have the Stomung axle-back exhaust. Are you also getting a high-flow air filter to go with the GanzFlow? I have the K&N with mine, but I've heard the Amsoil is just as good. And with the swaybar, when you put it on, set it to the lowes setting, then drive it for a while to get used to it, then crank it up till you find the right setting for you. I originally set mine at 18mm, then about a month later, cranked it up to 20mm. I haven't tried the 22mm yet, and that's going to have to wait until after the rainy season. One last suggestion for your list? If you have a manual transmission, a short shifter is a nice addition, and doesn't cost too much. I got the one that Larry Ganz and Cobb sell, and I love it. Shorter throws, but still about the same hieght as the stock stick. And I've never heard anything bad about the Kartboy short shifter, the only reason I didn't get it is because I liked the hieght of the stock stick. OK, I'm done!:p
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How is the Brullen quiet ehaust??

I'm thinking about buying an exhaust and don't want a huge amount of noise also. How is the Brullen? I still want some sound when I wind up the car, but during normal driving I would like to be at the stock noise level somewhat. A friend of mine had a cat back Thermal Research stealth system on his Prelude that was great at being quiet during normal driving and sounding sweet when revved up. I was hoping they would make one for the RS, but it looks like they are not.:mad: :) :)

I'm going to order mine this week. It takes 2-3weeks to get them.
I'll let you know after I get them installed.
Before I got all my motor work done I installed an 18mm rear sway bar and short throw shifter and then later put STI tranny and motor mounts and up graded to an ACT clutch. Then I put a 20mm rear sway bar in instead. The 18mm is awesome in the winter time, especially with full on snow tires (Pace mark from Wall Mart were not only the cheapest I could find but have a real aggressive tread design and I put them on 15 inch steel rims). The car was unbelievably neutral and composed, but the 20mm is perhaps better suited to the summer time in my opinion and a bit more caution is advised if you want to use the 20 in the winter. The Kart boy short throw shifter and 18mm rear bar were definately the most dramatic 2 changes I made to my car when it was stock and by far the best bang for the buck. They should come that way from the factory in my opinion.
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