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Although that picture may give you the impression, I'm not skin & bones. Went from 185 down to about 140 in 3 months. I'm back up around 150 now (where I should be). I was feeling fine up until I had those oreo cookies somebody was passing around at Fontana village! Bastards! :barf:

And I wonder why my transmission is leaking.... (this actually had nothing to do with any damage to the car, other than cosmetic.)

DIY mesh grill guard failed. :checkit:

Now this is a killer ad for Subaru if I've ever seen one. Screw that twisty road WRX shit.

Here's one from when it was totally stock with less than 10K on the clock.

In retrospect... I'M AN IDIOT! YES! IDIOT! I have shit failing all over the place just outside of my 30k bumper-to-bumper.

Oh well, at least I had quite a bit of fun.
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