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Welcome Lume to your new home

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Welcome to your new home Roy. Hope you enjoy your stay.

next auto-x we will take a picture of the two of us together with the shirts on.
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1st post since ban

I will survive.



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and i want a L shirt, XL makes me look more wimpy than i already am
I'll take the picture of all you guys and the shirts:flame:
You guys need to get a grip. It is because of people like Lume that club-si is the way that it is. I'll take xxl

In the words of Arlo Guthrie(whom I've partied with)

And if one person walked in sat down and sang a bar of Alice's resturant, they might think he was crazy.

If two people walked in sat down and sang it they would think they were *******

And if 3 people walked in sat down sang a bar of Alice's Resturant, they might think it was an organization.

And if 4 people walked in sat down and, I mean can you picture 4 people walking in sitting down and singin a bar of Alice's Resturant? They might think it was a movement. And that my friends is what we have a movement. The Alice's Resturant Entire Massacre Movement.

Sounds like we have a "Honk if your Horney!" "I-club sucks" Movement.
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Bill you are a disturbed man:confused:
What happened to that thread on I-club. Did someone delete it. I loved how we were all joking and everything and some people took it to heart. I Love it LOL

That had to be the most interesting thread i've read over there in a long time.:biggest:
When can we pick up the shirts Roy...and how much?
Actually, I cannot sell them.... but that's ok, because I never planned to (I had less than 10 made.... I'd have to charge like $25 or so just to break even). Anyhoo... I'm going to hold on to the shirts now (theyre in the vault..... ie, the back seat of my car).

I'm waiting to see where this goes.....


PS. If somebody made a corny t-shirt like this about me (and you ALL know there are plenty of incriminating pictures of me on the web), I'd think it was a pretty good shot.... And if I didn't, I'd be a man and ask to have them destroyed.... but hey, thats just me...
By the way,

A big shot out to James, who had it out with me in PM's, but was big enough to actually LISTEN to my arguments, rather than just deleting everything with reckless abandon.... (whatever that means).

Thanks, James. In a couple of years, when I start to hate (I eventually start to hate everything..... I think I hate myself right now...), make sure you rip this thread out to put me back in my place.

--Roy, "Old Man of"
Okay, I'll print this one out and stick it to the wall... :p
im sportin the i club t shirt next auto x ! or maybe my kevin thomas special t shirt limited production to 12! hehe
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