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Weight distribution

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Perhaps I'm a retard for not realizing it sooner, but the weight distribution on our cars doesn't seem too hot. On the drivers side there is the driver (duh) the washer fluid reservoir, the battery, and the muffler box. What evens it out for the passenger side?

Nick C.
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Actually, side to side weight distribution does not matter as much as front to rear. Even when corner weighting a vehicle for competition you don't try to make all four corners even, you mearly try to make the difference between front and rear even percentage wise on both sides. If the right front is 58% of the weight on the right side, you try to make the left front 58% of the weight on the left.

That being said, the front rear bias on our cars is not very good, but can be made lot better by moving the battery to the trunk, putting on a carbon fiber, or aluminum hood, and using a lightweight front bumper beam.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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