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Spent the weekend at Laguna Seca trying out the 2.5RS after switching it over from the gravel setup.

As some of you may know, I'm running a JDM 2.0 N/A motor that replaced the original 2.5 after it gave up from rod knock. The little motor does fine for rallyX and stages, but it's too wimpy for a power track like Laguna Seca.

Put in a 02 WRX rear sway bar to increase rear stiffness, and still using stock front bar. Tires are just 215 wide Advans, Tein Flex coilovers, and 6 piston Wilwood front brakes on two-piece 13" rotors with 4 piston Wilwood rear brakes with two-piece 12.1" rotors.
Zero brake fade after a 20 minute session of hard braking due to the race compound Poly H pads, and tires never got greasy.

Mixed it up with some newer turbo cars, but could definitely use another 50hp. I could brake later than most of the group and gain time, and gain a little more time in corners, but they pulled away on every straight.

Hitting the right line through the corkscrew.

Exiting corner 3, pulling away from a new MX-5:

Video showing passing of slow cars like BRZ's and a Miata:
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