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This is a post I did on the IClub midwest forums, but thought I would offer it to my brethren also :)

OK guys, I am going to offer webspace to folks on an under used webserver I run for my website.

Here is the deal, I can give you 200 - 250 mb of webspace, unlimited bandwith ( within reason.. I mean if CNN is streaming video off my server that will suck ) The servers on a pair of OC-3's and 1 Cognet 1GB link with another 1GB link coming online in a month ( to the data center my server is located in).

I dont know what to charge, but I do need some $ to keep the server online. I was thinking like 10$ a month or 40$ 6Months. Its just something I want to offer to'rs .

Your webspace would be

No Banners, no linking restrictions, full FTP access, with PHP, Perl, SSL, SSI, etc... If you want I can also host your own domains on this server. ( for a slightly higher fee) that would be SSH access also.

I am just sick of the ole Red X image links and such. This is only for I-Clubbers or folks.

Email me at [email protected] or PM me if you are interested. :)

Also I noticed that the server is on is a lil slow at times, Mr. we could work something out if you wanted also.

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Hey Joe,

Thanks for the offer but I just got off the phone with my ISP (AT&T Business Broadband, BTW) and after the [email protected] crash and burn they (obviously) switched us over to their own network. Well, turns out they had mis-configured my cable modem. I was serving up pages at a neck snapping 56k. :rolleyes:

Well, they fixed it (without a single hiccup), and then they doubled my bandwidth at no charge. :biggest:

Now THAT is good customer service.

I am sticking with AT&T for now. And probably for some time. Maybe I will look into it later, but for now I think I am all good... :D
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