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we need to have more memebers!
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Okay, I'll pay $100 for every person who signs up within the bext 3 minutes.

BUT WAIT! That's not all! You'll also get a slicer, dicer, and finger sharpener.

Okay, so maybe we should advertise on the i-club? Carefully? ;)
yeah, I usually PM those people I know with RS... man, this gotta grow! I love this place, but need more people!!!
I have a feeling it will pic up within the next 6 months or so. Everyone has to start small. I am thinking of redoing my site (again!) to cover more content and make it more dynamic - including Post your own mods, tips, tricks, that kind of stuff. Any other ideas I can think of .. you know!
good idea! you should also have a "Subaru Dictionary" section. So people don't have to keep on posting same question over and over again. :)
I am here!!

Nick C.
iBlueVirus said:
good idea! you should also have a "Subaru Dictionary" section. So people don't have to keep on posting same question over and over again. :)
Can I put 19" wheelz on my ride, yo? That shiznit would be phat?

I made it wahoooooo!

No one ever tells me about this stuff! hehe

Hey, I'm here... what more do you need? ;)

Seriously though, be careful about spamming over on the i-Club, I've already seen one thread that needed to be closed due to rule violations. At least do it respectfully and try not to violate any rules while doing it. This site may be somewhat competition for them, but being disrespectful will get this site nowhere. :)
OK, the party can officially start - I'm here!

:nuetron: <-the world revolves around me
Mike, you need to start posting useless facts over here!
Well it looks like IBlueVirus got his wish, the people are here now!!!
About how many people were here this time last week?? There are 70 members now.
Lemme give you an idea of what has happened in the last week... looking at the size of my log files (which are usually about 27k in size)

Sunday: 97k
Monday: 308k
Tuesday: 604k
Wednesday: 958k
Thursday: 2639k
Friday: 1472k (so far - only a half day!)

I think the force of gravity on the RS Club is slowly sucking all the users from the i-club...

I hope Alex doesn't hate me!

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That's quite a dramatic change within 5 days.. What's the limit on your servers?
Lemme see... I own the servers, I have unlimited bandwidth, and a bunch of 30GB drives, not to mention backup parts and a spare server or two...


Wow, that's an individual prepared for the future!

Nick C.
i think this is great...i just bought my RS and i absolutely love it. previously owning a honda, it's so nice to drive something that actually has some torque. and it will be awesome to ask a question and actually get an answer that pertains to my car instead of a WRX!:cool:
and people you should have...hi ya'll...oh man i said it...someone shoot me PLEASE!!!!!
man! This board sure has been growing!
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