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Waxing the Scooby...

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What wax does everyone use on their car(s)?

I, for one, use Zymol wax ($13-17). It doesn't take off too much swirl marks (Impreza's thin paint), but it does give the car a mirror-like shine for at least a week. I really like the quality. The car looks brand new right after I wax it. I end up driving it around town because the car looks like I just bought it again.

One bad thing, the wax dries a light tan color so when it gets in between the car's hard to wipe areas. It dries and I have to go around the second time to wipe the excess caught in between the doors/trunk/hood/emblems/creases on the car. Sorry if I don't sound correct. :rolleyes:
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I just gave my car its first waxing. I used BlackFire and am very impressed. I took some before + after pictures. I'll get them posted when I get a chance. They turned out very well.

BlackFire is a new product that is generating a lot of talk. From what I've read, people are very impressed with its shine (a very nice deep shine). Also, its protection seems to last a long time. However, the only complaint is that the "oooo" part of the shine will get washed off after a couple of washes. However, these people were not using the BlackFire shampoo when washing, so I dont know if that would help keep the shine longer. Neither were they using the Gloss Spray after the wash (I think that would help a lot). I will be using both so I'll see. The good part is that while a little of the glossy shine washes off, the protective part did not (which really is the important thing).

Along with BlackFire, you definately can't go wrong with either Zaino Bros or Klasse. Zaino definately has the most loyal following followed by Klasse, with BlackFire starting to create one.

Also, I recommend to buy your stuff. They seem very good! :)
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I use Nu finish. Its supposedly a once a year polish. The shine it gives is amazing, and it will stay on there for quite a while.
Since I have a black car, waxing and polishing is a full-time job. I recently stripped off everything with a polish/paint-swirl-remover. It got rid of some of the swirls, but with a black car swirls is a way of life.

I now wax my car with your basic Meguiars Cleaner Wax to "clean" off the surface. Then I apply the second coat of wax with Meguiars Gold Class wax. Maybe it's because my car is black, but I have to say it really shines. I get compliments all the time before it gets dirty again. I just bought Meguiars Detailer Spray, so I don't have to wax is so much though. I tried it out once when removing bird poop...and it worked well enough for me.

You know those quick detailing sprays that says it'll restore the wax shine? I'm not too sure it'll work well from keeping the swirls away. If you recently waxed your car, and it get's dirty again... would you use the quick detailer on the dirty car. They do claim to give your car that shine again, but wouldn't it just be like sandpaper? :eek:
I just used the Meguiars Gold Class wax and I'm so impressed! The shine is amazing. I'm going to put a second coat on this weekend just for the added protection against the Florida sun.
I use the Meguiars Cleaner/Wax, it works great. After hearing from others, i'll probably add a coat of the Gold soon. The Cleaner/Wax seems to do an awesome job for me right now though.

Semi-related: have you guys tried the microfiber towels for removing wax? In my experience, they suck. Hehe. I plan to go back to the standard terry cloth towel.

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