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i recently entered my car to be fixed at a car stat auto body shop. and they have done nothing but further damage my car after they received it. the car was deemed totaled but i instructed them to put my car back because i want to fix my impreza. she just needs a new driver side door and a passenger front control arm but i guess that was enough to total it. but anyway, i and my insurance company instructed the workers at car star to reassemble the car after it was dismantled to make the assessment. which they did. but not professionally or in a timely manner. it took them 3 days to put my door back together but not because it was difficult because they decided to ship my car to another body shop of theirs to get it worked on. so i got my car back no window. then i got the window back no window molding. i finally get my car door and window back together and i try to open my door and the handle of my car comes out. the handle was not affected in the accident. my car alarm was messed up and now my power locks do not work. all worked before i dropped my car off. oh yeah the window goes up too high i don't even know how thats possible but whoever put my car back together could not have cared less which obviously has pissed me off and I'm just trying to warn other people in the Massachusetts area to save them headaches. they pride themselves on their customer service and yet they absolutely screwed me over. i sent my car in to be fixed and i got it back in worse condition then it was before the accident. and the icing on the cake i got my car back and there were coffee rings on the trunk of my car. they had the gaul to use my car as a coffee table and dint even wipe it up. and if anyone in the Lowell Massachusetts area knows of a good body shop who does honest work i would greatly appreciate it.
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