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1993 Impreza WRX Red
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Ok hows everybody doing, kinda new to this forum but not new to subies

anyways i've had two 1993 wrx subies before sold them and now i own a evo, go ahead call me a traitor.. anyways if you havent changed page yet im thinking of building another suby as my daily car

my plan im going to buy another 93-94 wrx ej20T ride that a while while i plan my swap even though i hate the mpg it gets :O

I also own a 97 suby awd with a ej22 n/a single port head in awesome condition, the body on the car wasn't that bad, but the roof was rusted and leaking water at the windshield, i thought it was an easy fix but i lost interest and didn't feel like putting money in it anymore

moving on i would buy the wrx 93 just cuz it would be my 4th rhd and i really like rhd especially since i now got like 5 years of rhd experience, and lhd feels weird now, never got an accident, plus the wrx come with a lot of the turbo parts like the turbo, down pipe, boost controller etc you get me i guess, i'd just like to have a rhd daily economical car heres my plan

- ej22 (my block that i already got)
- ej22, ej25, sohc heads
- ej20t intake manifold
- td05h turbo
- some ebay exhaust manifold
- stock wrx downpipe + exhaust (whatever comes with the car)
- Probably a fmic with 2inch piping

- wrx transmission
- 4.11 rear diff (maybe)

Stopping Power
- WRX 4pot front 2Pot rear callipers

- Air-Fuel Gauge
- Boost Gauge
summer mode
- 17inch mags
- kyb gr-2 struts
- tein lowering springs
winter mode
- 16inch mags
- nokian winter tires
- stock raised struts, or maybe even some forester struts to really get high as i would plan to go to ice/snow track mecaglisse really awesome fun

i would look to get better than stock hp lol, (obviously) i think 180-200 hp, daily driver maybe some track events nothing serious, yet... LOL :p got stung by the suby bite

i'd run something like 5-8psi max as i don't want to blow the engine and don't need that much power as i've got the evo for that

what i need to know is what would be better heads, which type of heads are easier to find all that blah blah but most importantly

HOW TO TUNE?? My evo i use ecm link gm-maf with mat-f

i was thinking i could une with a Apexi S-AFC,

should i undo all the wrx wiring and put in the ej22 wiring from the other car minus door locks, lights (just engine harness) and use the s-afc to tune for boost, also might be a good idea as my ej22 harness is obd-2 and wrx is obd-1

or if i can use the wrx harness en ecu (even though im going from dohc to sohc) and the rev limiter is stock 7000 (7500-8500 if chipped as i've seen on some different jdm wrx) would i be able to lower the rev limiter to i think it's 6000-6500 for a ej22? sry never bounced the rev limiter with the ej22 never saw the point lol, again i got my evo that goes to 8000rpm for that

also was thinking if i switch the wrx harness to the ej22 sohc harness can i plug in an wrx 2001-2005 ecu with these products i could just reflash the ecu and tune as i need, at my local tunner lachute performance they do work on some of the most awesome subarus in my country
Lachute Performance |
Tactrix OpenPort 1.3U Universal for Mitsubishi and Subaru, ECU-PCM Reflashing Hardware ~ All OBD ~ and Nothing But OBD
2001-2002 WRX Reflash Connector, ECU-PCM Reflashing Hardware ~ All OBD ~ and Nothing But OBD
2003-2005 WRX Reflash Connector, ECU-PCM Reflashing Hardware ~ All OBD ~ and Nothing But OBD

hope you guys can help a bit

here are some pictures of my past two subarus

my first one i was 17, neons were cool back then... so don't judge, glad that phase is over lol
- ej20t 97 sti longblock swapped after 2 wrx melted pistons... lucky for me one was garantied and i got my money back since it blew after 5 days..
- sti lowered srpings
- tommy kaira bumper
- volk group cv-pro mags
- cusco h-brace
- 23mm rear swaybar
- 22mm front swaybar
- apexi cat-back with apexi active tip
- stage 2 bully clutch kit

rare tommy kaira bumper, too bad it was crack, too bad i was 17 and didnt know to fiberglass now i could fix that right away

needed some work as none of the gauges worked

then i took some parts off and sold it and got this little baby, why? cleaner less millage strut bars made money selling and buying too so why not

- ej20g Turbo wrx engine
- bilstein shocks with eibec lowered springs
- 2001 hood grill lights and side scoop for intake
- volk group cv-pro mags
- cusco h-brace
- 23mm rear swaybar
- sti front and rear strut bars
- sti v5 wing

put my rear sway bar back on

bilstien shocks with eibec lower springs

new h-brace on

2001 hood, lights, grill on


goodbye :(, the look i wanted for it was almost done was missing the front lip and that was it, i was planning a ej22 with ej20 heads big rotated turbo fmic 380-450hp but then i decided to get an evo which i love but i kinda missed my suby so i bought the first suby i could find to fix and this was it, the ej22 thing really :D me, and really it really was the best n/a engine i've driven

then started fixing the rust

yes that is duct tape on the the roof neer the windshield my, anti free shower when it was raining..

was going to paint the car white as i've always wanted a white subaru

i then sold the hood, bumper and grill as i was low in cash at my old job for those of you who knows what its like working at walmart sympathise with my :( i was depressed and didnt feel like doing anything, so now i brought the car to my house from my gf's house parked it and it's been sitting there since now, but then i got a second job working at fedex outside on the planes and never looked back at double the salary i was making as a garage technician i quit wal-shit and im really happy now fedex is an awesome company

so looking to get back into the suby game as a daily maybe some track

so right now i got the choice of a black subaru and another silver one, kinda want the black one as it has a 97-2001 front hood, grill, lights which kinda makes me think of my old 2nd one

anyways hope you guys can check out my ideas and give me some feedback, and for sure i'd make a build thread when in time its comes to me buying the car and happening, hope you enjoyed the photos and my story, now some of my evo's photos



took the engine out for the winter as im changing some stuff on it

upgrading the turbo and also doing a 5bolt conversion with fron 4pot and rear 2 pot callipers, suspension mods and a lot more too, i've already done a lot by got to keep going as i really like this car, but also want a subaru as a daily as im tired of driving my protege beater in the winter, it's time for awd, Nam Sayin?

well hope you guys liked

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