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Wahooooooooooo...a new home

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Hi guys...ahhhhhhhhhhhh...good to be home...Can I offer you something to drink??? eat??? how about a movie....:D
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Most excellent, the new Southeast forum. Now we can get all the regulars here.
I am soo here!!!

Where are all of you at? Get your lazy asses out of bed and get in the SE fourm!!!!

How do I reset the ECU?


Extra Countersteering Unit!!!!

Get it right. Newbee!!! Do a search!!!!!

Snowman, are you trying to out-whore me? :boxer: :biglaugh: :biglaugh:
Out whore you??????????

I'm not in your league:D :D :D

Good God!!!
Need a post pimp?

The language!!!:eek:

Oh, well, I'll just have to start working this street corner too.:checkit:

Soon to be in NC!
Hey Gregg,

When and where in NC are you going to be. We always love to welcome moving in members with open arms. Just ask Scooby South.
I'll be moving to Goldsboro around either the end of March or the beginning of May. Not really too sure when the government's my boss.:rolleyes:

I don't have a good clue where everybody else is, though. Anybody close by?

[Edit] Doh! Can't spell!
Well, in Goldsboro I'm not sure; I think Fayetteville might be closer, which means that Snowman will be it. Otherwise there are several of us in the Raleigh area. Just check the SE forums for meets.....we just had a pretty good one. :)
and yes, I vote that Pleiades is the biggest post whore. How about a poll? :D
Bora Checking In! Told ya we needed one of these here :p :nuetron: :biggest:
Somebody go drag Grimlock and Skidplates asses over here. Steve needs some more GA folks.
i dont think any of these guys are still on here! lol
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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