Up for grabs is some fun stuff!

1 x L&E Fabrications Quick column: L&E Fabrication - L&E Steering Columns

Gas Nickel Metal Auto part Pipe

Amazing for autox or rally, not good for high speed track driving. Trimmed column of non essential stuff. Tilt works.

Surveillance camera Bicycle part Cylinder Gas Wood

1 x Sparco quick release steering wheel adaptor, no horn wiring.

Kitchen appliance Camera lens Drinkware Fluid Vacuum coffee maker

1x GC to GD coupler. This fit a 96 dash beam to an 07 steering rack.

Gas Bicycle part Cylinder Machine Auto part

1 x GD Straight Pipe. That's midpipe and axleback. No rust and in good condition. Can post pics for interested parties.

Individual items shipped:
$550 Quick Column
$50 Sparco Adapter
$100 GC to GD Linkage
$200 Straight Pipe

Not super interested in shipping. Price reduction for meeting me and for taking everything.

Thanks for looking!