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Just got some REC T2's to replace my DMS 50's and wanted to do something with my Cusco camber plates to get more caster. The Cusco's are flipped but otherwise unmodified. As my current Cusco's are the GC triangular shape I would need to make a new round plate and drill holes to rotate the angle to different positions or just cut the slots to whatever the apparent optimum camber/caster angle would be or buy Cusco GD (round) plates or get different plates.

After talking with RCE and Vorshlag, I decided to get the Vorshlag GD plates. Without some of the same plate mods I mentioned above a maximum amount of caster will still not be achievable for the serious autocrosser but they come with their own upper spring perch with a built in bearing and are suppose to lower the car apx. 12mm. and should be the freest turning of anything on the market. I also found that in the neutral position the Vorshlag GD plate sits back apx. 1/4" and is angled back at a sharper angle than flipped GC Cusco's and gets to be an additional 1/8" back at it's max negative camber position. Unfortunately it looks like it may be another month before I actually get them on the car and new steel plates are much heavier than the Aluminum Cusco's
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