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OK,heres some details.

I will do 10 sets of Volk wheels.

25% off retail on any Volk model.

Here are some wheel examples and what the cost to you would be.I will open this up to any volk wheel at this point.

SE37K 17x7.5 423.75 ea
SE37A 18x7.5 465.00 ea
Gram 17x7.5 240.00 ea
Gram 16x7.0 217.50 ea
CE28n 17x7.5 390.00 ea
TE37 17x7.5 395.50 ea

These wheels do not come with center caps.They are a extra 80 bucks.If you want lugs then I can offer Kyokugen lugs for a additional 40.00 only for the GB people.

No tire packages available for this deal.Just wheels sorry.

If you want a color that is not available in the specific model then its 40 dollars extra.

1.Maniac8888 :Gram Lights Gold + lugs and caps
2.AzSubie :CE28N Silver+ lugs and caps
3.Zola Rex :Gram lights silver + lugs and caps
4.judgegavel :TE37 silver + Lugs and caps
5.wrexwagon :CE28n Silver + lugs and caps

If you do want tires I just got some Yokohama AVS intermidiates in for a great price.

Mounted and balanced for 350.00 on top of your wheel price.
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