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I've given up on my quest for an authentic, good condition V5/6 rear bumper skin. I really like the Syms rear bumper. It looks almost stock with spats built into it. The thing is I don't want to pay $1000+ dollars for a bumper skin shipped over from Japan.

Has anyone bought anything from VIS Racing? They have a Syms replica rear bumper made out of fiberglass for only $180. That's a lot cheaper then $1000+.

If you have dealt with or heard anything about the quality of their parts and service please let me know. You don't usually hear too many good things about fiberglass products in terms of fitment. I don't want to get a piece that is going to have to be worked on a lot in order to look and fit well.

Let me know.

Here's a link to the bumper.

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i had a hood from them. not bad quality. some cars in magazines use their parts. fitment on the hood was good.
did get a body kit for 2005 rs at work (salvage, didnt have any bumpers) stock were too expensive and we look for profit so got body kit, don't trust those pics where they basicly twist them and stuff. not durable. but it wasnt from vis racing so idk, just telling you about other brand, so vis could be better. my hood was better quality then most of the cf hoods i seen.
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