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Viper Alarm/Keyless Entry - Lock/Unlock Issue

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Hey Everyone,

I have been wracking my brain, swarming the internet all day everyday and still cannot find a solution. I have a 1999 Subaru Impreza 2.5RS with an 2004 WRX engine and transmission swap (purchased the car with the swap). The car did not come with key fobs and while tearing down the interior I found an old aftermarket alarm system that was not hooked up but the cables were spliced in. I removed the old brain, then purchased and installed a Viper 3105v alarm and keyless entry system. The alarm works as intended, however, the keyless entry is not functioning. When the unlock wire from the brain is connected to the car, the car automatically unlocks and stays unlocked. The lock function on the door trigger then becomes an unlock function instead and the unlock function does not trigger at all. So the car unlocks and stays unlocked at all times, which may be a safety feature?

In terms of wiring, I located the keyless entry harness under the drivers dash and utilized all the wires as follows:

Red (+) 12V constant - Black/White (keyless harness)
Brown (+) Siren - Red/Green (ignition harness)
Yellow (+) Ignition - Green/Black (keyless harness)
Black (-) Chassis Ground - Bolt
Green (-) Door Trigger Input - Yellow (keyless harness)
Black/White (-) Domelight - Yellow (keyless harness)
White (+/-) Light Flash Output - White/Yellow (keyless harness)

Green (-) Lock, (+) Unlock Output - Blue/Green (keyless harness)
Blue (-) Unlock, (+) Lock - Yellow/Red

Ground - Black (keyless harness)
Jumped wires 6 (Blue/White) and 10 (Red/Green) on keyless harness

The details that I have put together regarding the issue:

1) The remote does not lock/unlock the doors when pressing the lock/unlock remote buttons although the brain clicks and the alarm arms. This is for all situations.

2) When I connect the unlock wires (blue to yellow/red) from the brain to the car the locks will unlock and stay unlocked. The door unlock trigger will not function and the lock trigger functions as unlock only.

3) If only the lock wires (green to blue/green) are connected the door lock/unlock button works as intended.

I attempted to locate the programming button or wiring (brown as per my research, with no success. I also attempted to locate two white connectors that may be used programming (as mentioned in another thread) with also no success. There is no OEM keyless brain and I could only locate the door lock timer above the hood latch release. As a reminder, the locks function perfectly fine if the unlock wires are not connected so it's quite confusing. I assume it has to do with some default programming in the event that the keyless entry fails or dies.

Any help would be appreciated! Let me know if additional information and/or pictures are required.

Circuit component Computer hardware Electrical wiring Electronic engineering Cable

(Photo under the driver's side dash)
Circuit component Electrical wiring Hardware programmer Electronic engineering Computer hardware

(Photo of the door lock timer)​
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Problem solved! Thanks for anyone who took a look
For anyone with a similar problem searching, would you mind sharing how you solved it?
Oh it was a simple overlook on my part aha, I had the lock/unlock 3 pin connector going into the wrong location on the alarm module. Once I relocated it, the keyless entry worked perfectly. I know my thread shares how I wired the alarm/keyless entry to the keyless harness but if anyone has questions feel free to ask!
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