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VBulletin Security Hole

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just as a precaution, i posted this because i didn't notice it anywhere else here.

there is a security hole that would allow the retrieval of peoples passwords that viewed certain threads.

if it's a double post, delete it, if not. then take the necessary precautions

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Yea, I saw that one. It only applies if you allow users to put HTML code in posts/signatures. I don't allow that on the board, so it's a non-issue.

But thanks VERY much for the heads up, all future warnings are appreciated. :D
That's why I like this board.
Enough freedom to pretty much say what we want, but just enough moderation to let us have fun and stay safe.(or something like that) :sunny:

thanks James
yah good stuff james now u just got to get rid of those pesky post whores...

See less See more, it's like posting with a condom on. :D
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