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Hey guys, Im just right in the middle of finishing up my V7 to GC wiring merge. However, the motorset swap that I have purchased did not come with the rear portion of the harness or FPC. Since the plan is to swap everything in next week, I won't have time to source an FPC quickly here.

People have told me that I would not need a fuel pump controller for my swap to run, its just that it will run richer on the low rpms.

Now the BIG question is, if I leave my fuel pump wiring AS-IS the fuel pump should stay on 100% of the time correct? I would not need to splice any wires to the fuel pump to achieve this.

The reason I ask this is cause people say to wire in the FPC with the existing fuel pump power and ground wires at the back, so I'm assuming that those wires has constant power. and since I'm NOT going to be wiring in the FPC that should mean that my pump would have 100% power as long as the ignition is ON.

Any input of this would be great! Thanks!

Heres a diagram that I was going on to clear things up.

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