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As the title suggests I am trying to do an odometer reprogramming on my gc8. I ordered a JDM v4 dashboard with DCCD off a 98 type RA from japan. I have successfully removed the ST 93C46 chip and have plugged it into my Mini pro-TL866a EPROM reader/burner. I asked one of my friends who does this kind of service of reprogramming odometers from kilometers to miles and getting the speedometer to read in 180 MPH instead of 180 KPH. Unfortunately due to the fact that what I am doing is an extremely niche task and plus my friend is running a business he wouldn't tell or show me how to proceed further.

as you can see the ASCII dump is illegible and I'm told from my friend that it was done correctly.

here is a picture of the chip in question.
if anyone can give assistance on my situation I would greatly appreciate it, thanks ?
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