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Hey all,

I just picked up a v4 front bumper. It doesn't come with a front lip so I started browsing for one that would fit it.

I came across this link that advertises a lip that fits on 1997-2001 WRXs:
1997-2001 Subaru Impreza WRX Front Lip STI Style Poly-Urethane - BLF-SI97STI-PU

It's all nice but the image of the lip doesn't seem to match up with the image of the lip that's actually on the car.

So, will certain v5 lips fit on a v4? If not, where else can I find v4 lips, excluding Rallispec (because they're charging over $500 for the 3-piece lip)?
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I ask because the same site has this link that advertises another front lip that will fit on the 1997-2001 WRX but shows a v5 in the sample image instead of the v4 from the earlier link:
1997-2001 Subaru Impreza WRX Front Lip STI Type-3 Poly-Urethane - BLF-SI97STI3-P

And if I remember correctly, 1997 was the last year of the v4, right?

Anyways, any clarification would help here. I just want a lip that'll fit nicely on my new v4 front end.


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I don't think the V5 lip will work on the V1-V4 bumper, but here its another solution:

I order that lip, it came from the UK and good quality its fiberglass. It only took 1 week for shipping and im in FL

this is how it looks on my car:


They also have this option:

You can always contact them via email.

I hope it helps.
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