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Used GC8 parts for sale

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Give me offer if u are interested. All parts are from 2000 Impreza 2.5 RS
Here is the list:
2 Sets Stock suspension set (10000 miles)

2 SETs OEM Corner Lamp
1 SETS OEM tail light
1 OEM White sedan wing
1 OEM White couple wing
2 Stock sway bar

Email me for pics if u want

:nuetron: :sunny:
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yes... what is ur location?

Can u offer me? because the couple wing is my friend's not mine

all sold 2 years ago
I can grab some from HK cheap in x'mas for you guys. the price is around 10 each (replica but in good qulaity)
akcel said:
heheh thx
JZ oo7 said:
what's left?

see the first page. this post was 3 years old and dunno why people stillbump up hahahah ,weird
akcel said:
How is ur car now? running great?
akcel said:
yeah shit is awesome. got the exhaust on. its pretty fucking fast
where did u get ur exhaust? I planned to get APS for my car once the swap is done but loook nice APS exhaust does not fit GC8 anymore

any other option for our cars?
1 - 9 of 40 Posts
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