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Used car purchasing dilema. O_O

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I've been really pondering this question for the past two weeks. I've been wanting a 2.5 RS for quite some time and it all came down to the 2000-2001's and the 2002's. Now here's the lowdown.

-Sold in my area for around $14,000-$18,000
-Most of them have at least 30-50k, if not more
-Most of them are coupes
-They have rear LSD's
-They have sunroofs
-The aftermarket support and potential is tremendous!
-I like the body style a lot.

-Someone is going to sell one to me for $15,000
-It has 10-15k on the odometer, which is really good.
-I've sat in two WRX's and the interior's not that much different. I absolutely loved the interior. Very roomy and the seats can hold very well.
-The chassis is more rigid since it lacks a sunroof.
-I like 4 doors since I don't have to tilt any seats forward or have any passengers bitch about room in the rear.
-Might be mistaken for a WRX for people who don't realize or check the vent missing from the hood and the obvious rear badge that says "2.5RS".
-The bastard child of the MY02's

The real lowdown:
-I'm thinking about spending roughly $15k the most, less would be great.
-I "would" like a 4-door RS, but I can live with a coupe.
-I'd want a car with a sunroof for once, but I guess I can live without one since the current car I'm driving (92 Integra RS), doesn't have one.
-The majority of the upgrades I'd do anyway would be suspension (real coilovers, sway bars, etc) and wheels (17's). Maybe some OEM body kit. Most likely it'll be wingless. Possibly a WRX USDM EJ20 swap on whatever RS I might get down the line a few years after I've owned the car, well, if I "need" that much power anyway.
-Need something with great bucket seats like the WRX seats, otherwise, I'm gonna have to spend $1,500 for a pair of Recaro SRD's or a pair of Sparco Torinos.
-I only put 4-5k on the odometer per year on a car since most of the places I go to here in Northern California is no more than an hour away like San Francisco, San Jose, Sunnyvale, Hayward, etc.
-I'm looking for one with reasonable miles.
-The car will be daily driven and occassionally road raced or cruising the hills and mountain passes with my buddies on weekends.

I can't decide whether I should go with the 2002 RS that the dude is selling or wait for a 2000-2001. As for the WRX EJ20 swap, yea, most people would say, "Why not just get a WRX instead?" Well, I barely make $500 a month, so there's no way in hell I could pay for a WRX. I'd like to hear your input on my situation. Please no silly or unreasonable comments. =/ Thanks in advance!
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The 00-01 is also lighter than the 02, which will make a difference in the handling capabilities, especially after you do the suspension/tire upgrade. Insurance might also be cheaper on the 00-01 than the 02, but I'm not sure about that. You could ask you agent about that. Might want to try holding on for a 00-01 sedan, although the price/milage on the already 4dr 02 is pretty good sounding. Of course, one benefit of having a coupe is that your friends don't want to ride in the back seat, so you don't usually end up carting thier asses around! But if you are going to get something with a NA 2.5L, why get the heavier, uglier (IMHO) car? Also, just because the new body is 200% stiffer, or whatever, doesn't mean the RS is a wet noodle. Stiffen up the chassis with front/rear strut tower braces, and the 00-01 is good to go!

Cliff notes: Get the 00-01:D
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