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2000 RSC
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2000 2.5RS GC Sedan ($4500)
San Antonio, TX

If this ad is still here, the car is still for sale. Promise!! When/if it sells, I'll remove this thread, or at least mark it as SOLD.

I bought this car brand new in 2000. I was sure my family would be burying me in this car... alas.. here it is now up for sale. I'm a father with kids, as much as I love this car, it's too impractical for me now.
Needless to to say, while this car has been well driven and seen countless miles of good fun, it's been very well taken care of too.
Bought in Canada, and I moved to the US in 2001. I never fully imported it yet, so I don't yet have the title. I just never needed to since I never expected to ever sell it. I'm in the paperwork stages now to obtain the title.

The claim to fame of this car, is the Supercharger! It makes great torque at the cost of high-rpm HP. To be honest, I've come to prefer this. No matter what gear your in , or RPM, the torque will get you moving. Due to the no-so-efficient nature of the way I built the ThrottleBody box, it seems to run out of breath after 5500 rpm. As a result, I've long since stopped ever even getting close to redline (6500 thank to ECU reflash). There is just no need. Look at the DynoGraph below, the torque is FLAT!! Come for a drive, you'll see what I mean! I averaged 14.5 seconds in the 1/4 mile.
Here is what Torque and AWD can do in a 1/4 race against a z06. Of course I lose the race, but it gets off the line strong.
YouTube - 2.5RSc vs Z06
YouTube - 2.5RSc vs Modded WRX Wagon
YouTube - 2.5RSc vs S2000 (lost the race by a reaction time)

I don't post in here very often any more.. but.. I'll try to keep an eye.
Fastest response is going to text (2 one 0, 88 nine, 323 eight) <-- do you think internet scrapers get fooled by that any more these days?)
Or.. email "ShaneAPo[email protected]".
But, I promise to check in here as often as I can.

I'm going to do my best here to layout everything about this car. No BS, no lies, no nonsense. The truth. Why? I really want someone to buy this car, who will enjoy the way I have. Yeah.. what can I say, after 20 years, I grew pretty attached to this car. I'll update this post every time I think of something I missed.. bad, good, or ugly.

The Good (in in particular order):
  • 20 year old OG Survivor!!
  • 175,000+ Miles. Hey, that's not too much for a 20 year old car. That's an average of under 9k a year.
  • 10w30 Castrol full Synthetic engine oil used ever since after the initial breakin period. Never once used a Fram Oil Filter.
  • The engine still runs strong given it's age and boost. No ticks or grunts or sounds that it shouldn't make. Does need some oil added between oil-changes.
  • Supercharged.. yes Supercharged (lnk to thread)! Running perfectly now since 2009. GC8 vent-scoop added to help cool the SC. Forester XT intercooler. Walbro 255 fuel Pump with custom SurgeTank.
  • eManage Ultimate Interceptor/Piggy back ECU. 2-bar GM MAP sensor. Vortech SFMU increases Fuel Pressure based on boost. The eMU is mostly just pulling timing, but adding a bit of fuel control also.
  • Delecious Tuning Stage 1 Remapped Factory ECU.
  • Rebuilt Transmission with RaliSpec Upgraded Gears and Torsen Front LSD in 2012. Vastly improved 1st and 2nd gear ratios. (I broke a single tooth from 2nd gear a while after installing the SC (typical of more power in these cars). So, I bought one rebuilt with better gears. Never had an issue ever again. The improved gear ratios were one of the best parts about this upgrade.
  • Parallel Fuel Rail Mod with fuel pressure gauge.
  • Complete Stainless Steel exhaust, including SS cat. It's the old OBX unit that was an exact copy of the Cobb Tuning Equal Length exhaust.
  • DIY HomeLink module for Garage Door. (Pics)
  • BC Racing Coilover Struts with remote damp adjustment knobs.
  • Corbeau Drivers Seat, installed in 2008 (I'm 6' tall, this was a must). It has a few holes where it wore through, but it's still comfortable and holds well. I still have the original factory seat in nearly mint condition.
  • Brand new Battery (welcome to texas and regular battery replacements)
  • Brand new Starter (original died just last year)
  • Timing Belt replaced @ Every Scheduled Interval.
  • Recently replaced Coil and Plug wires.
  • Brand new Clutch, PP and Throwout Bearing, and resurfaced Flywheel.
  • ACT Racing Lightened Flywheel.
  • Upgraded Clutch Fork. Upgraded to new 2014 style. Resolves the infamous broken clutch forks.. of which I've suffered many.
  • Recently replaced Radiator (2 years ago)
  • Recently Replaced Brakes and Rotors (2 years ago) Plenty of life left still.
  • AC blows cold air.
  • Canadian Gauge Cluster (km/h) swapped out for American (mph) in 2012. They were different by only 6k miles. I have photos take of both clusters that day (sure, could easily be faked.. true.. but they're real).
  • Alpine Stereo Head unit. With Separate Bluetooth module.
  • WRX Momo Steering wheel (leather has seen better days)
  • Diamond Audio 4 channel Amp.
  • Polk Audio DB651 2 way front Speakers.
  • Dayton Audio Rear Woofer Speakers
  • Sound Deadening in Doors and Trunk (used to have a sub)
  • Aftermarket Viper Security Alarm with Remote Start Integrated and remote trunk pop.
  • Hidden Hitch Trailer Hitch ( I used to have a light duty Harbor Freight trailer )
  • Used to have a SubBox with separate amp, so there is still a massive power wire running to the trunk for the existing amp.
  • Infamous EJ25 Headgasket Leak fixed years ago with brand new gasket (pics)
  • Never leaves a drop of oil on the ground. That's not to say that it doesn't have a couple of pretty trivial leaks, they just don't ever add up to any volume.
  • Aftermarket 17" Wheels with Bridgestone 215/45/17 tires. Approx 50% tread still.
  • Black Painted stock Calipers with Impreza wording. I kinda like 'em
  • New front Wheel bearings (last year)
  • MoonRoof still works, and does NOT leak.
  • Sparco Aluminum Foot Pedal Plates.
The Bad (not really):
  • It's a 20 year old car. Just sayin'
  • yes, that's an L bumper.. but.. not really. It's a Canadian Spec Car, and we didn't get the big-head light version. :(
  • Trans is due for an oil change.
  • Brake Fluid needs to be flushed and changed.
  • Runs on high-octane due to Supercharger.
  • Roof and Trunk paint is getting pretty beat up by the sun. The trunk clear-coat is peeling. (cough 20 year old paint)
  • Both front half-shafts are new in the last couple of years, but one is starting to make a bit of noise on REALLY tight u-turns.
  • 20+ year old window tint is bubbling in rear window. Rear side windows are holding ok.
  • Takes a few presses of the close button to get the moonroof to close. But, it does close.
  • I should have vacuumed the floors before taking those photos.
  • Drivers Door "pull" handle is pretty well worn.. (20 year old car)
  • Check-Engine Light. It's the Catalytic Converter MIL code. The cat is not stock any more, and I even have a MIL eliminator installed. Nothing seemed to get rid of the P0420 code.
  • 1 of the Climate Controls lights is burned out and needs replacing.
  • Drivers rear door was dented in a parking lot. Trivial repair by the body shop. But, in the right angle light, the color doesn't look a perfect match.
  • Here is an oddity. Due to the RRFPR (Vortech SFMU) and the Anti-Slosh tank, when you first fill up the with fuel it goes super super rich for about 1 mile after pulling away from the fuel station. I know this because I used to watch my fuel trims and AFRs all the time. In short, the fuel pressure would go up too high for a little bit, and quickly level back down after .. literally 1-2 miles of driving. It's a little annoying, but has been harmless.
  • After an ECU reset, the base idle RPM needs to be increased (ECU Explorer does this easily every time). This is simply due to the moved Throttle Body. The stock idle RPM of 600(ish) is just a bit too low. I always bump it up to idle at 800 or 900.
The Ugly:
  • Did I mention, it's 20 years old?
  • Drivers Rear Quarter Panel is dented. My father in law caught it at low speed swinging the nose of his truck too wide. I just never bothered getting it fixed.
  • Title Pending, This won't be a real problem, just a bit of time as I do the paper work needed to correctly import the car.
  • Rear-Ended in 2002 (Photos). The repair company did a really great job of the repair. But.. none the less.
  • I know I changed the plugs out not long ago, but I don't recall when.
Additional Parts I'll throw in:
  • 1999 Intake Manifold. The Go-To for adding WRX injectors to a pre 2001 RS.
  • 4 WRX Injectors
  • Vortech SFMU additional pressure plates.
  • Supercharger Bypass Valve (never did use it)
  • Original Canadian Gauge Cluster
  • Original Driver Seat (nearly mint)
Resent ForSale photos
ALL the Photos of my car.. and I mean ALL!!

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