Year: 1996
Model: Impreza
Miles: 166,000 (Not Original Odometer)

Modifications: EJ257 Shortblock with EJ20K STI Heads. Rebuilt EJ20G TD05 Turbo with Billet Impeller and equal length headers. Has EJ20G Intake.
Currently running on a Robbtune, Have an ESL to replace the Robbtune, but never got around to it. Runs well enough for me under the Robb.
6MT from a USDM STI. Has a plain jane matching rear diff. Has a DCCD controller, but need to build a new chassis to transmission connector. Have the pieces but I've lost the will.
Suspension is Factory KYB coilovers from early JDM STI's. They are tired and need to be rebuilt. Will include a brand new set of KYB AGX struts and King Spring with all the little bits to build new coilovers. Top Hats included.
Front Suspension completely rebuilt. New bushings, Wheel bearings, steering rack. Anything that moves got replaced. Except Struts.
Brakes are 4 pot/2 pot FHI that where rebuilt not too long ago.
Tires are Yokohama Avids, With around 5k miles on them. If even that much.
Rear Windshield Wiper.
I have an Air to Water Intercooler that needs to be finished. The front heat exchanger and water pump have been installed, Just never finished the rest.

Engine Condition: Engine runs strong, Does drink oil, a quart between 500-1000 miles. Doesn't blow any smoke.

Interior condition: Interior is average for the age of the car. The seats are JDM something, and in fairly good condition.

Body condition: No major dents, mostly small bumps and bruises. Paint is peeling, and it also not the correct Rally Blue. The passager door had been replaced at sometime from a 98 2.5RS, cause it is the correct color.

Known defects or problems: Rear end clunks in the suspension, Unsure if it's a wheel bearings for bad bushing. I did replace the rear wheel bearings at the same time as the brakes, but I might have not torqued them correctly.
The transmission is failing, it sounds like the bearings are going bad, 3rd and 4th gear are the worst. Rattles pretty good when your decelling.
Rebuilt title, No idea why, probably had to do something with the passenger door being replaced. I can't find any evidence of structure damage.
Has a water leak somewhere in the front passenger area. Unsure of the location. Have had a heater in the car for the last couple weeks to dry it out.
Has a starter issue. I've replaced the Ignition switch and starter relay. Problem did improve, but hasn't gone completely away. Unlikely the starter cause it starts 100% of the time if I jump the starter. Probably a bad connection somewhere.
The wiring in this car isn't the prettiest, but everything works and haven't had any problem outside of the starter.

Comments about the car: Has been a fun project and car to drive. I took it on a road trip down to Utah last summer and drove without any hiccups. Even driving 100+ up the Blue Mountains in 100+ degree weather. Temp gauge didn't even twitch.
Comes with a handful of spare/upgrade parts.
She's not perfect, but a great car for someone with the space and desire to work on her.

Asking price: $5000 I'm pretty firm on this price right now.

Pictures: A bunch more pictures here. Impreza Coupe

I have it also posted on Craigslist. 1996 Impreza Coupe STI - cars & trucks - by owner - vehicle...
If you have questions, let me know.