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Umm 25lbs of boost = 405 wheel hp!!!

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Juz a little!:barf:
Man, that guy's a pussy. I could beat him. Off the line I'd have him, and he'd just be sitting there spinning his wheels.... Then I'd watch him go cruising on ahead, and I'd be sitting in my car like: :curse:

I'd imagine it's blast to drive!
Lifno - you probably could. Did you know that just owning an RS in Ohio gives you 200 more hp!
In Texas you get an extra 201! :p
What is a roller bearing turbo?

Nick C.:cool:
*nod* I wonder if that's a 2.5L de-stroke kit or a 2.2 stroker kit...
Now see, it is cars like that , that make me want to :barf: .
I feel so envious of all that power, why can't I have plenty of time and money to play with.
That sure is one heck of a nice car. I like the way he made it look somewhat of a sleeper.

I think he should lose the green paint.

cracks me up

There's no need for a water spray or anything fart-arse when you've got an intercooler like this...

:nuetron: That article is one more reason I should move to Australia.

hmm that can't be fun on the street

7.5 to 1 and a t60

bog and lag bog and lag
Anyone could have that much power with their RS, more even if you look at the 600 HP Jun models in Japan that use US Spec 2.5 blocks. All you have to do is have around 10 or 20 thousand dollars laying around to throw at your car.

But seriously, that car (and the above mentioned Juns) are totally sick.
turbo lag or not that kicks ass...but didn't the V5/V6 have the red/clear tails??
So there is no JDM 2.5? Does that mean after my swap I can send my engine over there and get decent money for it?:happynow:
yes there is a JDM 2.5 .. it just isn't used in an impreza .. forester/ legacy
Just none of the :drool: cars use it...
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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