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Uh, Oh

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I just got the dreaded CE light on my way home tonight. I brought my car in a few days ago to the dealership because of some rattling underneath. They ended up having to remove the cam belt "for repair". Could they have screwed the timing up? It's been REALLY cold the last few days here too (5-20 degrees), could that have an effect as well? I'm calling the dealer tomorrow, but I'd love to hear suggestions.
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Thats right! I totally forgot about that! I just checked it and it was a little loose. Hopefully that's all it is. I'm still gonna check out the dealer though and be sure. thanks!

I don't think it's a loose gas cap anymore. The whole car shakes when I hit 45 mph. Here's the story. CE light comes on last night. I checked the gas cap this morning which might have been loose. Driving later today on my lunch break (to pick up my new ver 6 wing:biggest: ) I noticed it was a little jittery, but I passed it off as icy and bumpy roads. Not 5 minutes into my drive home tonight, it starts shaking pretty bad. To be sure the dealership tightened the lugs on, I checked 'em and they're ok. Still shaking, pulled over again and knocked off all the road ice that built up over the last few days from the wheel well to be sure. That "seemed" to help, but not really. As long as I kept the speed under 45 and kept the RPM's low (I don't know if the RPM's helped or not, but I wasn't taking chances) it was ok. On the home stretch I took it up again and it didn't start to really shake until about 55 although it did shake some at 45. Any thoughts? My scooby is sick for the first time!:whine: :whine: :whine:
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It's definitely shaking. I thought about the O2 sensor as well...I do have a 2000, and that's the model year for bad sensors. Oh well, at least I was able to borrow my friend's Protege for tomorrow till I can get to the dealer. I looked at it with one of my friends tonight, but it's too damn cold to be out there for too long. It's right around 0 degrees right now. I'll post back on Monday when I take it in.
weeellll, now I'm thinking that it might be what mistaRS said. I drove my friend's Protege to work today and it did the EXACT same thing at about 65 mph. After the car sat in the sun, it might have loosened some of that crap out because it drove totally fine on the way back. I'm gonna try it tomorrow morning before I take it in. Hopefully I'll install my wing too and get some pics posted;)
Well, the CE light turned out to be the gas cap and the shaking was indeed ice built up deep in the wheel well. I got the wing on but it doesn't match very well. F***ing Maaco. It looked good in the shop and seemed to match well. What do you guys think? Keep it or sell it and write it off as a learning experience? I'll try and post pics soon. The server keeps telling me I have an invalid file type no matter what I use
Are some people allowed to upload? I thought I saw new pictures as late as last night:confused:
Killer. ;)
It's pretty steep. It looks best when you look at it from an angle from in the front of the car. From the back I'll admit it looks a little, for lack of a better word, confusing. I think I'm gonna wax it tomorrow and see if the color looks a little deeper. Worth a shot.
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