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TurboCharged Forrester!

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I just read the current "Car and Driver" magazine, and they state that the 2003 Forrester (Z5XS?) is coming to American Shores early next year. The styling looks a little more plain from the pre-2003 models, but it has a more aggresive overall look to it. It pumps out 217 hp to hit 7.0 sec flat for the 0-60 mph. It's just that there understeer in the moderate/heavy range. The world's never gonna end!!!
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i went to the Auto Show here in the Convention center in Minneapolis, MN. I like the new look. Makes it look more like a SUV now. The one i saw was a 2.5XS Forester. It had leather seats, the big sunroof, and the sporty dark headlights.

It's a lovely car. I wouldn't mind having one. Make that a turbocharged 2.5L hehehe

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