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I want to Turbo Charge a 2.5 RS so that I could have the most possible horse power, but not on the verge of detonation.

Is there a full kit out there, ie. Huge Turbo, FMIC, BOV, and so on?

Also I really want to be running maybe high 13's-low 14's, what else can you fellars recomend?

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Tuning is never easy. If you add boost then you confront other problems such as:

Improving your fuel system.

Tranny issues.

You can safely run about 5 psi of boost on most aftermarket kits (perhaps more in CO) before the other issues raise their heads. There lots of good info on the Aftermarket Induction forum on that other board.

I have a Forced Air Technologies Kit complete with intercooler, used for only 2000 miles, if you decide your interested.

Good luck! :)
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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