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I just finished my ej257 build, and bolted up the turbo and everything. found that the turbo downpipe would not bolt up to the rest of the exhaust (got from a friend). He says it was a catback from a '02 wrx. Will any turbo back exhaust from a wrx or sti fit on my '01 L ? The angles from the new catback were completely off to the downpipe.

and the turbo intake pipes with the intake manifold was very tight - Can i switch my intake manifold with any other intake manifolds that will work for the turbo and also work with my ej22e throttle body ? anything to give it a little more room ?

also the uppipe has a EGT bung in it, and the plug was lost while moving. Anyone have any ideas what size plug this is ? pipe thread or just a regular bolt ? looks to be 3/8" but not 100% sure. kind of loud with it out.
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