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Ok so I would to hear from some of the Turbo Masters hear bout what they thing of this turbo plan, and how reliable it will be. For starters I just had a semi engine rebuild for my 1998 RS due to the fact that I just had my headgaskets go. So this is the list of what was replaced -

Head Gaskets
Intake Gaskets
Timing Belt and Pullys
Valves Adjust
Reseal Oil Pump
FT Cam and Crank Seals
All hoses
Water Pump
Timing Pullys
Clutch and Flywheel
Spark Pulgs

So pretty much everything that can wearout is new, hence I believe this is gonna give me engine a bit more life, so this is my plan, I'm going to buy the AVO Kit for my 1998 2.5 RS with 127,000 miles on it, planning on running 5 or 6 PSI. Then I plan to get an STI Short Block with STI injectors around 10,000 miles later, then in another 10,000 miles I plan on getting a new clutch and flywheel. Will this keep a standard of durablity? Has anyone done it in this fashion or lose to it?
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