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1993 gf8 6 speed h6 project
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ZMake an offer the worst I can say is no, will be able to take all parts to WBM for sales, would prefer not to ship freight, shipping is at buyers expense. If interested PM me with Name and Address so I can get a shipping quote

Ej205: had 120k miles (will add pictures soon)
heads (valves removed from right side)
new 2.0 head gaskets and valve cover gaskets
Alternator, AC compressor, Power steering pump

Needs cam gears, intake manifold, timing belt covers, timing belt kit,
turbo, exhaust manifold. wiring harness to be complete

Ej257: threw a rod.
Complete Heads
VF39 turbo, stock up pipe and exhaust manifold
intake manifold

2004 WRX 5 speed trans
PPG straight cut gears (1-5) 3rd 4th and 5th might be blown. 3rd for sure

Ej20g: JDM Liberty RS closed deck engine 43k km
Metal cam gears
Complete heads
intake manifold
Vf10 turbo

Engine was converted to obd2 and has ej205 everything but the block.
Custom UEL headers. Every gasket and seal was replaced with OEM Subaru gaskets minus cosworth head gasket and arp headstuds.
Make an offer.

2000 2.5rs parts
Coolant overflow tank
Radiator with fans $100
Windshield washer fluid tank
Steering wheel with airbag $50
Silverthorn Metallic Rear bumper cover $30
Silverthorn Metallic Mirrors $30 per
Blue 2.5rs front bumper beam $50
guage cluster (mileage unknown between 150k-170k)
Automatic ecu with mounting plates (M3)
Headlights $100
Silverthorn Metallic Rear tail lights $80
Coupe door cards (front and rear) $200 for all
Coupe door cards (sti blue alcantara front and rear) with or w/o seats (iso black wrx seats with perforated fabric)
Single six spoke wheel $50
Climate control panel $40
Factory Cassette Radio X2 $25
Kenwood single din $40
Single din radio pocket $10 with brackets
Rear windshield
Passenger side rear coupe

2001 Impreza 2.5RS+T 2001 Legacy GT
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I love this new forum, it's so great. I mean, the old one had functionality in a way that it would have been super easy to see that this guy hasn't signed in in over a year and a half, but hey, progress sometimes means we have to get rid of features amiright?

fuck this forum software, giant piece of garbage.
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