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Turbo Kits and Fender Flares

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First, is anyone interested in turbo kits (still)? I am thinking of putting together something that is either a Legacy kit, or one that uses stock RS headers. An entry level kit but includes an intercooler, and basic electronics. Price range - what, $2000 - $3000?

Second, is anyone interested in fender flares? I am so tired of not being able to get wide tires under there, and $2500 for Stever's kit is WAY out of my price range. (Not to mention the cost for body work to install the rear clips.) I am thinking of a limited production run of 25-50 high-impact plastic flares (like you see on pickup trucks) that are especially molded for the RS. Not just cheesy flares, mind you, but something that actually looks like it belongs on the car, like you see on some of the Impreza's racing in Japan and whatnot. I figure you'd cut 1" - 3" off of your existing fender, drill some holes, and bolt these on. Paintable and flexible, I think they would last a long time and resist damage. I imagine they should cost aroun $500 to $750 for the whole set.

Gimme your feedback folks....
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I am interested in both, more the fender flars though. that would be a awsome price!
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